There are countless ways to enjoy the Spanish Pyrenees, whether it’s a leisurely stroll through a hidden valley, a visit to one of the ancient towns, a challenging mountain climb, an adrenaline rush descending a canyon, or a relaxing break with a cup of tea. We present you our very special collection of trips for “all tastes”

Millennial culture revolves around a mountain lifestyle.

With a unique Romanesque heritage, legends that transcend the limits of imagination and traditions that take the form of the burning of logs on the shortest night of the year or examples of livestock transhumance, the Pyrenean culture holds true surprises for those who come to see it.

Where mountains tell centuries of history

Our local guides will take you through the most impressive national and natural parks so that you can get to know the soul of our legendary valleys and people with an authentic and genuine character, so that you can enjoy our culture, gastronomy, traditions and the best hotels in the heart of the mountains. Every day offers a new experience, each one is unique.

Do you have a thirst for adventure and ready for an adrenaline rush? Discover the wild side of the Pyrenees. You must be in good physical condition and willing to not hold back! These activities include mountain trekking with significant elevation differences from 600-900 meters, possibly with rocky areas where you may have to climb. The program offers the opportunity to try the most exciting adventure activities: rafting, Kayaking and climbing. To compliment these intense experiences, you will also have the opportunity to visit the ancient monuments of interest, various villages and their people, and last if not least the Gastronomy.

Through the rivers and the water, you will discover the soul of the Pyrenees and its beautiful places. We have put together a wide selection of unique activities and excursions that will ensure your thirst for adventure is endlessly quenched. Climb cloud-bursting mountains, explore ancient canyons, and experience the thrill of white water rafting. There is something for every traveller in this magical land You will also get to know the local traditions and culture and savour the delicious Spanish gastronomy.

Tailor made in Pyrenees

If you feel that the trips we have designed do not suit you, or if you prefer other dates or a trip just for you, your partner, your family or your friends, fill in the form below and we will prepare a trip tailored to your needs.