Pyrenees travels: Cloudy in Occidentales Valleys Park

Day 1-2: Barcelona/Posets-Maladeta Natural Park

We travel directly from Barcelona to the Posets-Maladeta Natural Park. Accommodation in “El Acebo de Casa Muria”.

We will travel from Barcelona to the Posets-Maladeta Natural Park

“El Acebo de Casa Muria” will be our accommodation. In this tranquil, rural hotel, we will meet to discuss the programme and the objectives of the next day while relaxing with an appetizer.

Our week will begin by visiting the incredible “El Forau de Aigüalluts”, which is located at the foot of Mount Aneto, one of the highest mountains in the Pyrenees.

Day 3-4: Sierra de Guara/Aigüestortes National Park

Sierra de Guara’s limestone range consists of deep and rugged canyons that were created by ancient rivers and waterways thousands of years ago.
We will thereafter explore Mudejar and its historic Collegiate Cathedral.
A trip to this Somotano region would not be complete without a visit to a local winery to understand the process of wine-making. Somotano is well-regarded as one of the best “Denominación de Origen” (DO – designation of origin) regions for Spanish wine.
Afterward, we will explore the only national park in Catalonia, Aigüestortes and San Maurici. This area of stunning natural beauty is known locally as the “land of shimmering water”.
That afternoon, we will tour the ensemble of Romanesque chapels in Boí Taüll, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
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Day 5-6: Ordesa National Park and Mont Perdido

Ordesa National Park is one of Spain’s most famous parks and is the oldest protected area in Europe. From lush forests to rushing rivers and soaring mountains, the resplendence of nature is on full display here, providing you with an unforgettable experience. There will be time for bird-watching and trekking along with learning about the geology and fauna and flora of the Pyrenees.
From there, we will take a shuttle to La Jacetania and our second accommodation for the trip, “Hotel Barosse” – a unique hotel for the taste of something different.

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Day 7-8: Mallos de Riglos

This natural monument is a unique set of conglomerate rock formations that rise almost 300 metres. It is also home to the greatest colony of Griffon Vultures in all of Europe.
The San Juan de la Peña Monastery is a medieval jewel and our visit there will mark the end of our journey.

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