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Discover the Pyrenees: Feel the Magic of Pyrenees in 5 Days

What could be better than a day spent hiking?


There are an infinite number of hikes to enjoy in the beautiful valleys in the Pyrenees, crystalline waterfalls, dense forests and incredible views taking you on a sensory journey. If you enjoy the mountains, this experience is right down your street.

Tailor made activities created by our expert guides will surprise you every day. Whether you’re new to walking holidays, a casual hiker or a seasoned trekker you will find plenty of expertly planned walks and treks to choose from.  Excursions from 6 to 7 hours will charge your soul and bring peace to your mind, feel alive and energized!

You will also learn about local traditions, culture and enjoy the delicious Spanish gastronomy.


“The hikes were beautiful and a lot of thought went into the design of each one to allow us to experience a variety of landscapes. Thank you for a fantastic trip across the Pyrenees!”

— Mary Inga, Dusseldorf, Germany


  • Always cross the Pyrenees with the help of your guides , discovering the most beautiful locations in the Aragonese mountains and its National and Natural Parks.

  • Birdwatching and interpretive hikes to learn and enrich your experience.

  • Discover about the Millennial history of secluded villages in the Pyrenees, its people and culture.

  • Enjoy the rich and varied Spanish, Aragonese and Catalan cuisine and precious wines.

  • You will discover fascinating things about the secluded, centuries-old villages nestled in with the Pyrenees along with their people and cultures. And as always, you will be kept satiated by the rich and varied Spanish, Aragonese, and Catalan wines and cuisine to be found aplenty here.

Pyrenees travels: Cloudy in Occidentales Valleys Park

Meeting point: Zaragoza/Huesca or Lleida. Monday, 11:00/12:00h.

Day 1. Monday. Valley of Benasque, Posets Maladeta Natural Park

We move in the morning to the Benasque valley.

Forau de Aigualluts. We will head for the Forau de Aigualluts, one of the most spectacular places in Spain. During the walk we will visit the famous mountain refuge called “La Renclusa”, this is where climbers sleepover before tackling Mount Aneto (3404 metres), the highest in the Pyrenees with a small glacier that refuses to disappear.We will go to the hotel Acebo Casa Muria at 18:00h approximately to recharge your batteries.

  • Lunch: Llanos del Hospital
  • Dinner: Acebo de Casa Muria

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Day 2. Tuesday. Alquezar. Sierra de Guara Natural Park

After a delicious breakfast in Acebo de Casa Muria we set off for a village called Alquezar, possibily the prettiest village in Spain. Our route today is along the Vero river canyon, it has famous and spectacular footbridges and bridges. This spectacular landscape has been sculpted into the rock through the action of water, get ready for the explosion of colours as sunlight lights up your path. We end this route at the beautiful Collegiate Church of Alquezar, a true treat to your eyes. In the afternoon we will visit the Enate winery so you can try first hand some of the best wines from the Somontano region.

  • Breakfast: Acebo de Casa Muria
  • Lunch: Casa Pardina restaurant
  • Dinner: Casa Chongastan restaurant, its gastronomy is recognised nationally and iis n first place in Aragonese gastronomy ratings.

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Pyrenees Travels: Alquezar

Day 3. Wednesday. Ordesa and Mont Perdido National Park

After breakfast and checking-out (we change hotel today) we head towards Ordesa and Mont Perdida National Park. Majestic mountains, endless forests and beautiful valleys await us to make today a special day, one to remember! We enter a known path used by hunters to reach the Pelay Belt, one of the best and most physcially demanding excursions in the Pyrenees. It’s hard to find words that do justice to the views and landscpapes that you will see.7 hours approximately of activity. 800 metres elevation difference. In the afternoon, we go to our new accommodation in Barosse Hotel Gustavo and Josse will be waiting for us with their arms wide open to welcome us to this exclusive rural hotel, a little jewel in the Aragonese Pyrenees.

  • Breakfast: Acebo de Casa Muria
  • Packed / Picnic lunch
  • Dinner. Barosse Hotel

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Pyrenees Travels: Parque Nacional Aiguestortes

Day 4. Thursday. Mallos de Riglos Natural Monument

After breakfast we set course for Los Mallos de Riglos, an unmatched place for its rock formations. We end the week with this beautiful gentle excursion through high rock towers, home to many raptors. 4 hours approximately of activity. 300 metres elevation difference. In the afternoon, we will visit San Juan de la Peña Monastery, a Romanesque jewel from the Pyrenees.

  • Breakfast: Barosse Hotel
  • Packed / Picnic lunch
  • Dinner: Biarritz Jaca Restaurant

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Pyrenees Travels: Parque Nacional Aiguestortes

Day 5. Friday. La Jacetania. Valles Occidentales Natural Park

We make a smooth and enriching excursion through this protected space to end this intense week! After lunch we move to Huesca where the trip ends.

  • Breakfast: Barosse Hotel
  • Lunch: Borda Bisaltico

Return shuttle to Zaragoza/Huesca or Lleida. 16:00/17:00 is the approximate time of arrival.

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Pyrenees Travels: Casa Muria Garden

El Acebo de Casa Muria

Welcome to our house set in the Aragonese Pyrenees! This charming rural house is set in a place of true peace and tranquillity. You will fall in love with its magical landscape as you enjoy its quiet and relaxing atmosphere.

El Acebo de Muria (which literally translates to “a quiet man’s property”) is a beautiful 18th century house situated in the picturesque village of Renanué at an altitude of 1,230 metres. From here, there are magnificent views of the entire Benasque Valley.

Pyrenees Travels: Casa Barosse room

Casa Barosse

“Beauty, Exclusivity, and Comfort for Unique, Special Guests”

Just a stone’s throw away from Jaca is a different hotel concept in the Aragonese Pyrenees. It is a space designed for adult patrons and delicate, small details emerge in corners of marked personality.


This programme includes the following meals during the week:

  • A filling breakfast is served in each hotel every morning and consists of a variety of options including Iberian ham, dry meats,
    homemade sausages and cheeses, various homemade breads, toasts,
    and pastries with butters and jams, fresh seasonal fruits and juices, and farm-fresh eggs;
  • Packed picnic lunches are prepared by the hotels. In Alquezar, we will have lunch in Casa Pardina;
  • Dinners will be served in your hotels, except for Tuesday and Friday evening when we will dine in two of the best restaurants in the Pyrenees: Casa Chongastán and Biarritz Restaurant.

Pyrenees Travels: Discover Spanish Wine
  • “Discover Spanish Wines”
    We have created this special programme for you so that you can enjoy regional wines every evening from some of the best vineyards in Spain.
    Served with each meal is either a Rioja, Ribera, Somontano, or Penedés bottle of wine, which are four of Spain’s best “Denominación de Origen” (DO – designation of origin) wines;

  • Water, coffee, a selection of teas, juices, sodas, soft drinks, and beers are included. Alcoholic beverages such as liquor/spirits and mixed alcoholic drinks are not included.

The Leaders

With over 20 years experience, we are all experts in mountaineering, canyoning and climbing, in coordinating and arranging activities to meet the needs of diverse groups in the natural environment. Our passion and enthusiasm for the outdoors and fun in what we do is infectious. We speak several languages are well experienced in organising groups for foreign groups. Our local knowledge of the culture, traditions and people of the valleys all add to make your experience unforgettable.

Pyrenees Travels: David Ruiz de Gopegui

David Ruiz de Gopegui

Born in Zaragoza in 1984, the mountains beckoned David from afar and he could not resist their call. He is a qualified teacher specialising in environmental studies, a leisure time instructor, and also a trained mountain guide instructor (UIMLA International). He combines his love of photography with his work in the open air doing mountain related activities.

David is deeply passionate about the Pyrenees where he has worked for the last 14 years coordinating environmental and sporting activities. Since 2013 , he has led various international expeditions to such places as the Himalayas in Nepal, to the Alps in France and Italy, and he is seeking to embark on a new adventure in the future to Patagonia.

Pyrenees Travels: Gaspar Giner

Alberto Marín

Alberto is a professional mountain guide, with specialities in mountaineering and climbing. He is also in environmental educator, specialising in natural heritage interpretation, Leisure Time and canoe Monitor, canyoning sports technician and Mountain guide for the blind and the visually Impaired. With almost 20 years of experience in the sector, he has worked in almost all the valleys in the Aragonese Pyrenees, leading groups of multitude of nationalities in the mountains or coordinating environmental educational programmes, nature workshops and leisure and adventure programmes.


    Personal First Aid Supplies2017-12-03T04:23:34+00:00
    • Sunscreen SPF 30 or higher and lipbalm with sunscreen.

    • Aspirin, Ibuprofen or Tylenol for muscle pain or headaches.

    • Blister kit. Look for durable gel-type dressings that you can applied directly to blisters, for example:

      •  Advanced curative healing bandages or Gel bandages which last several days.
      •  “Liquid bandages”, such as New-Skin, are useful because they are quick drying and form a tough protective layer over a blist
    • All prescribed medicines must be clearly labelled.

    • Spare contact lenses or glasses.

    • Airplane ticket (or electronic ticket)

    • Passport

    • Other photographic ID, for example driving license

    • Cash

    • Soft material suitcase with a small lock (must be unlocked for air transport)

    • Small rucksack big enough for a jacket or material for rain gear, bottle of water, camara and others items you may wish to take on the hikes

    Clothes – Hiking & Trekking2019-06-13T09:40:18+00:00


    Take comfortable clothes for hiking.  Shorts maybe fine for most days but it is recommendable to take light-weight trousers aswell for cooler weather and to protection against tall grass. The best way to be comfortable is to wear various layers.  It’s a good idea to bring a change of clothes for the evening, casual is best though, nothing fancy like coats or ties.
    The activities are planned during the best period of weather conditions, however being a mountainous climate it can variable and it is best to be prepared for a variety of weather conditions.
    Be prepared.

    This list of clothes is just a guide.

    • Good quality rain gear, for example Gore-Tex raincoat/wind stopper with hood.

    • Thick woollen jacket or woollen jumper or light Goose down Jacket or fleece and waterproof or similar.

    • Long sleeve top.  Quick drying fabrics like nylon are recommendable.

    • Long-sleeve and short-sleeve tops.

    • Hiking trousers.  Lightweight cotton or synthetic hiking trousers are the most practical choice. Jeans are not recommended because they are too hot in the sun and take a long time to dry if they get wet.

    • Hiking shorts. Made from quick drying material are recommended.

    • Swimsuit to wear under the neoprene suit.

    • A cap/hat with a wide brim preferably waterproof to protect against the sun and rain.

    • Medium weight hiking boots with Vibram rubber outer sole with good ankle support.

    • Boots or trainers that can get wet in the water activities.

    • Casual shoes for sightseeing.

    • Good walking socks. Some people like thick Thorlo socks with padded toes/ heels, or use an outer sock and synthetic inner sock.

    • Light woollen gloves and hat for cool weather.

    • Synthetic long underwear.

    • Underwear / nightwear. Synthetics fabrics dry faster.

    • Smart casual clothes to eat out in the restaurants.


    • 1-2 bottles of reusable water- 1 l. capacity.

    • Good quality sun glasses

    • Folding sticks or trekking poles

    Optional equipment2018-02-26T19:54:21+00:00
    • Tension convertor and plug adaptor to use appliances in hotels

    • Camara, extra batteries.

    • Bandanas (many uses)

    • Light binoculars

    • Reading/Writing material

    • Travel clock

    • Small umbrella

    • Soap to hand wash clothes.
      Laundry service available in the hotels.
    Maps Pyrenees


    • Duration: 5 days from Monday to Friday 5 days, 4 nights from Monday to Friday.

    • Arrival: Barcelona airport (El Prat) and Barcelona Centre Avue. Diagonal. 10:00/11:00h. Monday

    • Departure Barcelona airport (El Prat) and Barcelona Centre Avue. Diagonal. 17:00/18:00. Friday

    • Accommodation: 4 nights hotels

    • Meals: all meals included: Spanish Gastronomy and Discover Spanish Wine.

    • Activity: 5 days of mountain activities from moderate to strenuous trails, excursions from 6-7 hours duration and between 700/900 metres elevation difference.

    • Trip Level:

      This experience is perfect for people who are used to hiking in the mountains and nature. The hikes last been 4/6 hours, sometimes on a rugged uneven ground, therefore you should be in good shape. There will be between 300 and 800 meters elevation difference. Our expert guides have designed this exhilarating programme, also including cultural visits to villages, castles, chapels, museums, vineyards and excellent restaurants to make a unique and relaxing experience.

    Detailed information about this experience can be found in the following dossier in PDF format. Download here.

    If you do not receive the download link mail in your inbox (within 10 min); Please also check your Spam folder or Junk email folder to make sure that our message has not been filtered out. if you do not see a mail or problem in the zip file. please contact admin.

    Remember if you have any queries or questions please contact us by email or call us:

    Phone: +34 974 55 38 72

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